F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

¿How do I install eVoodoo?
Download the zip file and extract it to a temporal folder Search a file called "glide2x.dll ". Copy that file to the system folder or to the game folder. Some games like FIFA 2000, FIFA2001 or Need for Speed IV need to be patched for using eVoodoo with them. These games can be used running the utility called eGP.
¿If I have a Voodoo card can I use eVoodoo in some way?

In 3DFX cards, you can use eVoodoo only if have a Voodoo 3/4/5 and use UltraHLE. In these card eVoodoo corrects texture alignment fails like the one we can see in the picture:

Voodoo 3Voodoo 3
I’m using eVoodoo 1.4a with a nVidia, but I have problems video problems
For Riva TNT/2/Vanta or Geforce 256/2/3/MX/GTS users we suggest disabling WBuffer with NVMax before using eVoodoo 1.4a.
¿How I do to run eVoodoo 1.4a under Windows 2000/XP?
To run UltraHLE and eVoodoo 1.4a under Windows 2000/XP, you nly have to use the aplication called APCOMPAT that comes in the CD of Windows 2000, selecting Windows NT 4 SP5 as your emulated operative system. I case you use Windows XP you only have to aplly that same settings in the Windows XP file compatibility tag.

eVoodoo 2.x F.A.Q - Frequently Asked Questions

¿Why my screen appears vertically flipped?
You should have activated the Fighting Force patch in a game that doesn’t need that patch.
¿Why the distant polygons appear cut?
This problem cause is the Fast Alternate Z-buffer mode. This mode speed ups the FPS but we suggest to disable it in games like Mario 64.
¿Why the way appear cut in Zelda 64?
You can solve this problem using the Fast Alternate Z-buffer mode.
¿For what is the Alternate Lighting System?
This system can improve the image quality in games like Waverace, in which it makes appear the sky correctly, besides of making playable other games like Doom 64 or Star Soldier, that with the normal illumination system were too dark.
¿For what is the Texture Filtering?
Disabling it can make the game run faster and it can help you to read some texts.
¿With which games is suggested use the Frame Skipping?
Goldeneye and Star Soldier.